Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance is sometimes called RV insurance. The policy is for recreational vehicles that most people use during long trips. Your traditional auto insurance policy doesn’t cover an RV, so you need coverage specifically for your recreational vehicle.

Recreational coverage is available from most auto insurance providers. It covers motor homes, RVs, golf carts, and more. Just check with your provider to see what they consider as a recreational vehicle. The coverage is like a combination of both homeowners and automobile insurance, mostly because some people live in their RVs while on vacation.

You can often customize your policy to your liking. You might want total loss replacement, agreed value coverage, personal contents coverage, vacation liability, emergency travel expenses, and 24-hour roadside emergency assistance.

Comprehensive coverage is for damage and theft, as well as collision coverage. You’ll also want liability, as someone could get hurt inside your RV during a trip.

You might want to obtain RV insurance from the same provider that provides your homeowners or automobile insurance policy. Providers often offer discounts to current customers. In any case, consider recreational vehicle insurance if you have a recreational vehicle. The expense is often minimal, and it helps to have financial assistance when you need it.

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