Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is for people who need extended care. They have disabilities or injuries that prevent them from performing certain daily living activities. Most disability plans will only cover a short amount of time, maybe six months to a year. But a long-term policy covers extended care, usually for a year or longer. You never know when you’ll need long term care, but this coverage is worth considering.

This type of coverage is for several situations requiring long term care. But each insurance provider has its own list of what coverage includes. Most policies include issues relating to broken bones, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart issues and more. Mental conditions are sometimes covered as well, depending on the policy.

In short, long term insurance pays for medical care that traditional insurance doesn’t cover. You can pay for time in the hospital, nursing home care, in-home assistance, and so on. Elder people and people with disabilities benefit the most from this coverage.

Although this policy isn’t exactly like traditional insurance, it works similar to those. Coverage requires payment of a monthly premium. And you must show proof that long term care is needed. To qualify, you must prove that you’re unable to perform certain activities, such as bathing, cooking, or dressing. If your claim is approved, then you’ll receive assistance to get the care you need.

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