Homeowners Insurance

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments anyone can make. That’s why homeowners insurance is recommended for anyone who owns a home. Without insurance, you risk losing your home should a catastrophe occur. You could also find yourself out of a lot of money for repairs or replacements. But homeowners insurance means you’ll have financial assistance if your home is damaged or destroyed.

Homeowners insurance provides property and casualty coverage. It pays for repairs or to rebuild your home following a situation that’s covered in the policy. So if fire is covered, the policy will help pay for repairs following a fire. But if fire isn’t covered, then the policy will pay nothing towards repairs following a fire. But in most cases, fire and theft is covered.

Homeowners Need Coverage

This type of policy is necessary for anyone who owns their own home. But if your home is rented to tenants, then you likely need landlord’s insurance. Also, your mortgage lender will likely require you to have insurance coverage for your home.

How it Works

Homeowners insurance is specifically for certain events. In the event of a covered incident, you’ll get financial help to recover. And most policies cover personal liability as well. When you need financial help, you simply file a claim to see if the insurance provider approves. If they approve, then you’ll pay a deductible and receive the insurance benefit.

A Standard Policy

This type of insurance generally offers the same coverage options no matter the provider. Coverage for things like fire, and vandalism is standard. But most policies exclude damage from floods and earthquakes. If you want coverage for something that’s not included, you can discuss adding riders to the policy.


The largest benefit of homeowners insurance is the protection it provides. It doesn’t hurt to have help paying for damage to your home. Plus, you also get personal liability coverage. Liability is invaluable should you find yourself facing a lawsuit because someone is hurt on your property.

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