Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is for when an employee is sick or injured and is unable to work. Coverage is for periods of unemployment lasting more than a few weeks. Disability is available to permanent employees. Temporary workers or contract workers are not eligible for coverage. Many employers offer disability insurance as part of a benefits package. When you began with the company, they will inform you of how to enroll for benefits.

Your portion of the monthly premium is deducted from your paycheck. The employer covers the remainder of the cost. The amount you pay is less than what it would cost if you were paying it all on your own. And filing a claim is relatively simple. The insurance company will approve or deny your claim based on the details of your situation.

With this coverage, you’ll receive a portion of your income while you’re out of work. The amount you receive varies, but it’s often more than 60 percent of your pay. Not all illnesses are covered by the policy. Illness and injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, diabetes complications, recovery from surgery, and certain diseases are generally covered. Emotional and mental conditions can possibly qualify as well.

In order to file a claim, a doctor must officially diagnose your condition. You’ll also need to provide a specific amount of time that you’ll need for recovery. The insurance company will consider this information when deciding your claim. If you’re approved, you’ll receive the benefits during your time off. And benefits will continue until you return to work. If you need disability for longer than a short-term, then you’ll have to apply for long-term disability.

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