Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is for when you’re stricken with a severe condition. As long as the illness is on the insurance company’s list, then you’re eligible for benefits. You’ll receive a lump sum or weekly or monthly payments. You decide which method of payment is best for your situation.

Critical illness coverage is helpful because it removes the stress of worrying about income. It can pay for medical bills, physical therapy, medications, household bills and anything else. When you’re not burdened with money worries, you can focus on your recovery.

Each insurance company has its own list of illnesses that are covered. Some common ailments usually covered include kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and stroke. The insurance company must have proof of your illness before they’ll issue any benefits. And you’ll also have to survive for a certain amount of time. If you die before that time expires, then no one receives the critical illness benefits.

Your doctor or a specialist must officially diagnose your illness. In some cases, the insurance provider might require you to see a specific healthcare professional. The insurance provider will thoroughly review any paperwork or test results provided by the healthcare provider. Shortly after, you will either have an approval or a denial of your critical illness benefits.

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