Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is basically auto insurance for business vehicles. You could have one vehicle you use for business or a full fleet, but you still need coverage just the same. Most states require vehicle owners to have auto insurance coverage. So even if it’s a business vehicle, it needs coverage.

If your business vehicles are financed, then the lender may have additional coverage requirements. The cost of insuring a commercial vehicle is worth the expense. Just think of the financial loss your business could face following an accident.

If nothing else, you should have liability coverage. It helps pay for damages caused by you or your drivers. This includes expenses such as repairing property damage. Just keep in mind that liability doesn’t cover repairs to your vehicle, your medical expenses or medical expenses for your employees involved in the accident.

Collision or comprehensive insurance picks up where liability stops. These policies pay for your own vehicle repairs. But you may need to add a personal injury rider to pay for medical expenses for you or your employees. You may also receive reimbursement for losses related to equipment, tools, and inventory damaged or lost in an accident.

Any business that relies on vehicles should have commercial auto insurance. It’s the smart thing to do. The cost of the premium and the deductible is small compared to what you could face without coverage. Find a reasonable deductible that you can afford to pay. Make sure the premium is affordable too.

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