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Animal Euthanasia Rates Climbing in California

Our agency has learned that animal euthanasia rates are rising sharply in California. We’ve seen animal shelters in the East Bay and Contra Costa climb by as much as 15%. Further south, some shelters in the Tri-City area are reporting increases in the euthanization of animals of as much as 20% on a yearly basis.

Our agency is firmly against animal euthanasia, and we are launching a campaign to help bring these numbers down to zero.

Ambassadors for Animals

Beeson’s Boutique Insurance Agency is now an Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement, and our team is committed to supporting local initiatives that work to prevent the needless killing of animals in our area. We will be working in support of no-kill shelters, providing resources to animal foster programs, and raising support for community education programs that promote spaying, neutering, and responsible pet ownership.

We know this is a big job, and we’re going to need help from other concerned pet owners in our community to help see it through.

We Need Your Help!

You can be a tremendous help during this campaign, and it won’t cost you anything to do so. All we need is for you to help us spread the word and let people know about our commitment to this cause. If you invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or loved one into Beeson’s Boutique Insurance for a complimentary insurance consultation, we will issue a donation in YOUR name to a local pet protection program.

Let’s End Euthanasia

The longer we wait the more animals we lose. Let’s work together to bring an end to the awful practice of euthanasia. Together, we can provide loving homes to all the animals in our area.


Amanda Beeson

Beeson’s Boutique Insurance Agency

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