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Helping Our Animals Get The Second Chance They Deserve!

Besides assisting the amazing men, women, and children of the Fern community; our Beeson’s Boutique Insurance team takes pride in helping the animals as well. One of our goals is to continue supporting local shelters like the East Bay SPCA by providing day to day utilities or contributing towards veterinary costs.

We all deserve a second chance in life, even the animals which is why our focus is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and neglect within our community. Whether you are fostering a four-legged friend or simply making a donation to keep a shelter animal off the ground, your action goes a long way. Join our crew here at Beeson’s Boutique Insurance in our endeavor to speak for our fur-friends that can’t speak for themselves.

“With this campaign, our agency hopes to promote the well-being of our four-legged friends by investing in the people who look after them. Pets are forever! Re-housing them shouldn’t be taken lightly.” said Amanda Beeson

We can even donate on your behalf when you recommend your friends, family and/or co-workers to get an insurance quote from us. We donate $15 on your behalf for each one! It’s just that easy!!! They only need to receive a quote. There is no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple – or so free!